Persons living at home

drinking water needs per  person
  liters  / day

Energy costs in KW / h

purchase price 1L of drinking water
  cent (1€ = 100 cent)

consumption HK90 KW/h
0,360 KW/h

  €uro /day
  €uro / Year


  • To calculate, enter the number of people living in the Household.


  • Estimate drinking water consumption per person - for drinking / eating / cooking / coffee / tea. etc. (normally at least 3 liters per day / per person)


  • Check the costs for 1 KW / h on your electricity bill and enter them. If you have a photovoltaic system, enter 0. Caution Entry is made in CENT z.b. One hundred and fourteen and not € 0.14


  • Enter your cost of drinking water per liter in cents (what you have been paying for the liter of drinking water in the supermarket since then.) Please note that enter the amount in CENT, for example, cents 45 and not € 0.45.


  • In this calculation example, we start from the pure production of drinking water without refrigeration or heating because since then it had to do it on your refrigerator or kettle.


This calculation is a simulation and can vary depending on the humidity and region. Note that ideally your HK90 can produce up to 30 liters of drinking water. Your HK90 is sold with 2 years warranty. Possible filter changes are not included