Wassergenerator HK90



The HK90 is an energy efficient and easy to use water from air generator. Via the touch screen display, you are always immediately informed about all processes. With a daily output of up to 30L and a storage tank of 12L, there is always enough drinking water available. You can even produce chilled (up to 6 ° C) and hot (up to 97 ° C) water at the same time. The HK90 even has an automatic reflux system when the water is not needed for a long time.

This device can also be operated easily via its solar system.

As a further extra, you can also operate this device on your existing domestic water connection as a pure osmosis system. This is especially interesting in regions where the water quality is to be desired and if you need larger amounts of drinking water.


1. Drinking water costs - about € 0,07 (or less) / liter

2. Low acquisition costs

3. Simple operation

4. Cost-effective maintenance.

5. Absolutely pure drinking water

6. Do not tow water

7. Also available in case of emergency drinking water

Technical specifications

Filtration: 10 levels based on reverse osmosis 🛈

Reflux: Yes - automatically

Voltage: 220V

Standby: 3W

Power min: 350W (drinking water production)

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Power max: 780W (drinking water production with cooling and heating)

Water production: 1000ml / 60min

Drinking water tank: 12L

Curb weight: 65kg

Working range: 15 ° C - 40 ° C

Relative humidity: 35% - 95%

Length, width, height: 45cm 43cm 112cm